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Neil McCarthy : « I grew up in Cork, Ireland, a city steeped in story telling, song writing and  musical collaboration across all genres. 

My main focus was on writing original songs and playing live, I was swept up in the glorious homegrown wave of 

Indie Rock that took over Ireland in the late 80s and 90s, and performing my own songs I often played support to bands such as 

The Cranberries, The Frames, Frank and Walters etc .

From the late 1990s onwards music has shared my attention with my career as furniture designer 

and ebeniste which has been exhibited in galleries worldwide» .

Gabi Swiatkowska: «I was born in Poland in the stern landscape of grey communist blocks. 

I was raised by crows, mostly, because my parents had flown off to America when I was little.

My sister was hot so I had a bit of a peek into some cool records procured at black market by hopeful boys 

- This, probably, is the most relevant of musical education I’ve had».

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